Claims Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment solution that increases customer satisfaction

The handling of service claims has a major impact on customer satisfaction. They make daily use of their mobile devices. In case of a defect they want to be helped as quickly and as well as possible. Leave the claim handling to CWS and improve your services.

Unburdening and customization

Your claims handling is in safe hands with us. You benefit from complete unburdening and a fulfillment solution that perfectly suits your needs . Depending on your wishes, we provide fast delivery of original, replacement or refurbished equipment.

Your customer satisfaction will also increase. We offer your customers fast and professional repair service. In addition, they themselves have the option of Track & Tracing of their submitted claim, with which they know where they stand 24/7.

Fast and expert repair

Our repair process is designed so that everyone benefits from a quick and expert repair. Repairs are only carried out by accredited repairers using original parts. This way we guarantee quality and the original product warranty is maintained.

Cost savings through efficiency

Thanks to our extensive international fulfillment network, you benefit from cost savings through economies of scale. Through professional advice we avoid unnecessary repairs and with professional repairs we avoid any costs of a replacement device.

Benefits for your customer:

  • Fast repair of their devices
  • High quality repairs maintaining original warranty
  • 24/7 claims status insights via Track & Trace

Benefits for you:

  • Single point of contact
  • Improves cutsomer satisfaction and – loyalty
  • Cost efficiency

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Service that meets todays requirements

Our services perfectly match your and your customers needs.

The services can be tailor-made or you can choose our standardized services, depending on what is most suitable for your organization.