Because your customers rely on technology

Mobile equipment makes everyday life easier and more fun. Your customers must be able to rely on this. We take care of that.

The most comprehensive insurance in the market

With Lifeline your customers benefit from the clearest, complete and comprehensive insurance in the market. The lack of small print results in a claim acceptance of more than 98 percent. For example, loss and theft including pickpocketing are insured and unauthorized use is reimbursed up to € 10,000. The insurance can be terminated on a monthly basis and has a variable and realistic excess based on the device price.

Lifeline comes standard with technical support for all connected devices. This means your customers have one contact point if they have a problem. The expert Technical Support Desk is easily accessible and helps customers in the way they want; via chat or telephone. In addition, customers have 24/7 insight into the status of the claim via Track & Trace and they always know where they stand.

Addition to your service

Offer your customers an insurance solution that they can rely on. The high claim acceptance and clear communication ensure higher customer satisfaction and a minimum of complaints and negative attention.

We take care of everything from claim application up to and including claim handling. Here you do not have to worry about and the tax on your internal organization is minimal. Because we have all facets of the service in-house, you benefit from an efficient and complete service.

Lifeline can be customized, so that the best fitting solution is always created for you and your customers. If necessary, Lifeline can be used as a whitelabel variant so that it fits perfectly with your company.

Benefits for your customer:

  • High claim acceptance (>98 percent)
  • Most comprehensive coverage in the market
  • 24/7 insight into claim status via Track & Trace

Benefits for you:

  • Increase your income from ancillary sales
  • Monthly commission to receive
  • Completely unburdened; from claim request to settlement

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Service that meets todays requirements

Our services perfectly match your and your customers needs.

The services can be tailor-made or you can choose our standardized services, depending on what is most suitable for your organization.