Third Party Administrator

Our Third Party Administrator services offer new revenue models and unburden you completely

Customer needs, technical possibilities and revenue models change continuously. Do you want to be distinctive in five years? Make sure you respond to these changes. As a partner we help you with that. Our Third Party Administrator (TPA) services offer new revenue models and unburden you completely.
This way you can focus on your core business.

Our TPA services are mainly focused on insurance of mobile equipment and technical support. Our professional services are a valuable addition to your service . These can be customized or you can choose to offer standardized services, depending on which variant is most suitable for your organization.

More efficient services

Through our years of international experience, knowledge of the legislation and regulations and an international claims fulfillment network, we can make the difference in cost savings, customer satisfaction and speed of action. We manage the entire supply chain of retail services, enabling you and your customers to benefit from the best solution at the best conditions.

Quality based on NPS measurments

Together with you, we offer end customers the personal service they deserve. We believe that your customers deserve the best quality service. That is why we continually measure customer satisfaction on the basis of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and continue to improve our services .

Benefits for your customer:

  • New revenue models for your organization
  • Focus on your core business through complete unburdening
  • NPS-driven quality of service

Benefits for you:

  • Services that meet their needs
  • Advice when and where they need it
  • Support in the language of their preference

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Service that meets todays requirements

Our services perfectly match your and your customers needs.

The services can be tailor-made or you can choose our standardized services, depending on what is most suitable for your organization.